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UniMont Pte Ltd is an integral part of a group of companies servicing the electronics industry with quality components as well as meeting the design requirements of the electronics community.  Established since 1991, UniMont has been supplying devices such as ICs, LCD/LED/VFD displays, passive components and electro-mechanical parts to major MNCs in this region. Our customer base includes Japanese and American Tier 1 customers in the Audio, Video , Communications, Security and PC business.

UniMont also provides hardware and software embedded design services for a range of car stereo and car accessories platform.  Our services encompass state of the art customized solutions for car audio applications.

Aspiring to be a global supplier of cost competitive quality solutions, we are constantly on the lookout for new partners who are able to provide cost competitive, innovative and technologically advanced products to our valued customers.

UniMont's team comprises Professionals who have been in the semiconductor business for more than 30 years.